Maybe fall is my favorite season

So I was chatting with my mom the other day about seasons, and after some contemplation, I have to agree with her that fall is the best season. There’s something comforting and homey about cooler weather, hot chocolate, and FINALLY getting to wear sweaters in Arizona! Last year, fall (as in highs below 80 degrees) didn’t come until Thanksgiving time, but the high for tomorrow is 77! Yeah!

Thanks to misstricia for the scarf she made for me…it makes fall all the more delightful!

So I didn’t wake up this morning until almost 10 am, and how wonderful it was! I realized that it has been over a month since I could sleep in as long as I wanted to, and I think my body needed it. Between a two hour nap, then 10 hours of sleep, hopefully, the bags under my eyes will consider going away…maybe!

I’ve been pretty moody lately…sometimes really blah and sometimes bouncing-off-the-walls happy. I’m not totally sure why, but if you have recommendations for combatting the oddness, let me know! Piano therapy was great for it last night. I think I waited way too long to head over to the music building.

I’ve decided that my music tastes are probably larger and more eclectic than I think. I forget how much I like to listen to piano jazz, for example. It certainly does make doing homework more exciting! I should get a CD or two so I can listen to it w/o the internet. 🙂

So tomorrow I get to teach Sunday School for the first time in months! How exciting is that!


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