Teaching today

So, I didn’t end up teaching today as much as I thought I would, but it all went well anyway. Last night, I was too exhausted to try to figure out what to teach for my Bilingual Ed class case study project, so I’ll do it over the weekend and teach it on Monday. I did teach my “Magic E” lesson to my whole intern class, and they seemed to both enjoy it and learn a lot. I think I will use letter tiles so they can make words and manipulate them again. I tried cloze, intentionally, for the first time, and was pleased with how naturally it came. (For the non-ed. people, cloze is the formal name for when you let the kids fill in the rest of the sentence, usually one word, in a place that they can figure it out. In this case, every page had the same poem on it as part of the story, so they could fill in the last word of each line.)

I didn’t end up teaching in preschool because it was decided that we would just play outside all day. That’s unusual, but it made sense because the weather was perfect- 75 degrees and partial shade.

Now, I’m headed to Candi and Shawn’s place for dinner and chatting and prayer and good stuff.

I cleaned Baby’s tank out this afternoon. He was very unhappy with me when I moved him out, but I think he likes the clean water. I would.

Also, earlier this week or over the weekend, Squishy got her first scratch. It’s a pretty bad one; it’s not big, but it is deep. Thanks to my Grammie’s wise recommendation, I already have the necessary touch up paint. I need to wash Squishy first though…she’s very dirty! 😦 What a bad car owner I am!

p.s. I have a surprise for my family at Christmas time (or sooner if I can’t wait…)


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