Surprise! You’re teaching!

(backdated, in case you were wondering. 🙂 )

Today, I got to school and was in the process of signing in when I overheard (from the school secretaries and the principal) that they were going to split up the 25 kids in my class and send them to two of the other 1-2-3 multiage classes because the teacher wasn’t there and they couldn’t get a sub right then. Approximately 59% of the staff was out (my estimation 🙂 ), and they couldn’t get subs quickly enough.
The following is what I can remember of how I got myself into teaching for 3.5 hours, alone for part of it.

I (innocently, or so I thought) said something to the effect of,
“I’m the intern.”
“Do you want to teach?” my principal asked.
“Will you let me?” I responded, surprised and almost incredulous that she would consider it.

The next thing I knew, I was getting the attendance from my teacher’s box and calling my mom (forgetting until the phone was ringing that she is an hour behind me, which meant 6:55am, while she was on vacation. Sorry Mom!) to say, “I’m teaching- pray!” I couldn’t get a hold of her in the 45 seconds it took to walk from the office to the classroom of partially supervised (the teacher next door had his door open and was in and out) kids, so I did my own praying! I am thankful that God hears and answers emergency prayers, because He definitely did!

I walked in, and the kids were mostly on-task. I explained the situation to them, took attendance, and looked over the lesson plans. Thankfully, I have been in the classroom with enough subs that I know what the sub plans look like. I picked books from the class library to read during the scheduled read-aloud time, then started that according to the schedule. Oh, yeah…before we did our read-aloud and before I let them go back to independent reading, I made the kids think about what we should do today because Mrs. Pursley (the teacher) is gone. Our list consisted of:
-Be helpful
-Eyes on teacher
-Mouth closed
-Be respectful
-Be responsible
I then made them all sign it! It was a good start to the day and whenever we had issues, I could refer back to it. Anyway, back to the story…in the middle of the book, a sub walked in and just sat in the back. I finished the book, walked the kids to P.E., and finally met the sub.

Apparently, the office told her that I was “dying to teach” and that she should just stay back and let me do it until I had to leave at 11:50(lunchtime). I wondered about appearing that eager, but I guess I did…in any case, she followed directions and basically helped with crowd control. I also had an aide donated to me for the first half of the morning; she comes in everyday for the second half of the morning, so she knows the class.

I had several visitors: the vice-principal to see how I was doing, the teacher a few doors down to let me know about the aide time donation, and another, random teacher who reported to the principal afterward and said (I think) positive things. My classmate who was interning next door was also watching/listening and was complimentary…that was really nice!

I walked the kids to lunch, made sure that the sub was clear on what she was supposed to do for the rest of the day, then signed out with a quick stop by the principal’s office. She asked if it was fun or scary; I said a little of both. All in all, it was quite the experience, and it was mostly a great one. I dealt with a few behavior issues, but I don’t think there were any more than normal.

Oh yeah, and I also worked at preschool for 3 hours, but that wasn’t nearly as exciting!

Until tomorrow….


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