yeah for a day off! boo for missing good sales :(

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely fine- no sore throat, no sinus headache, no body aches- fine! Then I got up. I was ok until I headed to the mall with Olivia and Cheryl; somewhere between arriving at the mall and an hour of shopping, I felt tired and without energy. My eyes were burning horribly, so while they went to eat, I went home. I ate more chicken soup and went to bed, where I read a little and slept for 1.5 hours. That’s after sleeping for 11 hours last night! I figure that my body needs the sleep, and I might as well get it while I can. Thanks to Katie for her encouragement in that vein.

And the missing good sales part? While I was sleeping, Olivia was shopping Old Navy’s half-off clearance sale. She even bought me a “Kings County Swim Meet 1982” shirt. Thanks!

Alas and alack….I think I’ll go back to bed. Maybe I’ll take some homework with me so I can get something done today…

The worst part about being sick? I feel like a jerk.

thanks for your prayers!


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