thanks, God, for being with me!

So God is pretty cool…and He keeps reminding me of that fact! Tonight, I was worrying about life. (I’ve made a worry list so that I can quit worrying about worrying about these things; I worry about forgetting them, so I made a list for when I forget what to worry about. If you survived that sentence, congratulations.) Anyway, back to God. The song “Be strong and take courage” came to mind, and He reminded me that His love is not just some fluffy concept in my mind. It has real, tangible effects in my life: He takes care of me! So I don’t need to worry; I need to trust. Not that it’s always easy, but the more I look at Him, and the less I look at me, the easier it gets. Thanks to my Dad for reminding me that God provides too!

Today has consisted of:
-High school marching band state festival (with Cheryl, b/c her sister’s band from Flagstaff was playing. Congrats to the Eagle Pride band! It made me miss my sis, Sher, a whole lot! I can’t wait to see her!)

-A trip to Target. I was going to get a nice new fleece (red- thanks Candi!) but they were out in my size. I also got a gift for some friends from church (Tempe Nazarene) who are getting married in January. I won’t be here for the wedding, so they get the present early! 🙂

-A two hour nap. I was going to go to a bridal shower (see note above) but my headache prevented it. I slept instead. (What a bad friend I am!)

-Dealing with my finances. This is a depressing proposition, especially when it involves finding out that although you didn’t think you had very much money, you have even less. (that is to say, there is less money in the bank with my name on it than I thought.) See note above for my new and improved attitude toward this discovery.

-Grocery shopping. Nothing exciting here.

-Conversation with my Dad. See note above for positives from this conversation. I love talking to him.

-Soon to come: DINNER!!! Yum! Baked potatoes with cheese, chili, and salsa. I’m definitely ready for it.

-Homework, if I decide to be productive. Otherwise, another night of a lot of sleep. My trying-to-be sick body begs for it.

Hope yours is peachy!


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