Thanksgiving and home and all

I feel like I’ve been away for a long time; it’s only been since Monday, but I have to say that my life at home is much less Internet-dependent than my life at school. Maybe having a laptop out all the time at school makes the difference.

In any case, my planned surprises worked. My sisters didn’t know that I was coming home for Thanksgiving until I woke them up with a kiss late Monday night. Sherilyn looked at me like I was a burglar, then didn’t have any recollection of seeing me the next day. Sad, huh? Katrina was still awake when I got home, so I ended up staying up and chatting with her for a few hours. It was good catch-up time.

Tuesday, I should have accomplished a lot and finished a lot of homework, but instead I did dishes, hung out around home, watched the movie “Terminal” with Katrina, and not a whole lot else. Tuesday night, Tricia and I got together. It was so nice to just hang out with her and spend time together. Yeah for Target…I need to go back and get stuff there…

Wednesday, my mom and I headed to Oregon pretty early and had dentist appointments. She got a broken tooth fixed, and I had a chipped and stained tooth fixed. As soon as I get a retainer to put my teeth back to their proper locations, my teeth will be all set. What a wonderful thought…and thanks to my parents for dishing out the moola for it along the way. Wednesday night, we had dinner and spent the night at my grandparents’ house in Portland. It was a good thing to spend time with them. Sweet and sour chicken over rice- yum!

Thursday morning was spent waking up slowly and having breakfast. We headed over to my aunt and uncles’ house and had Thanksgiving dinner with my dad’s side of the family. Yummy food and good company. We (Katrina, Sherilyn, and I) stayed to watch a movie with my cousins, and then drove home. I was pretty tired by the time we hit Chehalis, so Bean drove the rest of the way.

This morning, I got up and had tea with my Dad.:) He fixed everyone breakfast, then we cleaned a little, and went to get our Christmas tree. Nice drive through the boonies + a long discussion of what makes a good tree + 5 picky family members = two great trees (one for the living room bay window, one for the family room).

I should write about our lovely dinner tonight and decorating the tree and lovely memories of our October Mexicali trip, but my eyes are about to force themselves shut, so maybe that will go up later.


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