back at school…praying that I won’t get sick!

The guy (older gentleman) I sat next to on the flight back to school was sick. He coughed and coughed, ate cough drops, and drank hot tea. I tried to lean toward the window when he coughed, but I kept thinking about how the air in an airplane recirculates, over and over again, and how I was probably breathing the coughs of someone ten rows away.

My poor roommate is sick as well, probably with what I had a few weeks ago. Is there a vegetarian equivalent to chicken noodle soup with the same benefits?

Tonight was Chi Alpha. It was good to be back and see my friends after two weeks away. I love it when friends are genuinely glad to see me and give me great hugs. Thanks, Katie! And Tricia, when I was home, was also great about that. Yeah for great friends in general! I love you guys (gals)!

I turned in the first of three portfolios today. I have two more to finish in the next week, then a final exam, and it’s all over. I’ve heard rumors of that one final exam being canceled, but I won’t know until at least tomorrow.

Good news: I don’t have to try to get 10 (or more) community service hours in the next week because the Scholarship office will accept worship team for Chi Alpha for 15 of my required 20 hours. Yeah! and thanks, God!


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