Frosty windows and sad stories

It was so odd this week- Wednesday AND Thursday morning, I was greeted by my own breath, visible the minute I stepped outside the door of my room, and frost on my car windows. Brrr! I thought this was Phoenix! 🙂 I’m so glad that I brought my wool coat with me. I’ve worn it almost every day.

The sad story is the one I overhear yesterday at school; it went something like this:

Student A: (just asked about his dad by another student? I’m not sure…) My dad’s in jail.
Student B: Why?
Student A: He did bad things to my mom.
Student B: I don’t want to hear no more.
Student A: He slammed her around. (Goes on to describe exactly how he slammed her around and notes that he saw it happen.)
Student C: (listening to the whole thing) I want to see that. Maybe she went to the hospital. That’d be cool.
Student A: They taped up her head.
Student B: They give them stitches in their head.
(the conversation trails off as they go back to work.)

It was so sad- both that they have lived with such junk and that one of them thinks it’s cool! Makes me sad to think about.


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