falling rain

it’s raining outside…steadily.
there are lots of puddles…big ones.
the sky has been gray…for two days in a row.

Rain is so clean; Squishy likes the showers. Poor Squishy needs a real shower and a good detail pretty bad. However, the time and/or resources to do those things are pretty lacking right now. Sorry, Squishy.

I went to the Tempe Christian School Preschool program tonight. The kids were adorable, especially the little daughter of a lady I work with. She had on her Christmas dress and was obviously enjoying the spin-factor of it throughout the program.

So much to figure out- thesis, thesis director, student teaching, grad school- and it’s all important. It feels like every decision is the rest of my life even though I know, rationally, that it isn’t. Thank You, God for Your peace when my head feels ready to burst.


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