Getting married for Christmas

3rd grader: So, Miss Olson, what are you getting for Christmas this year?
Me: Well, I’m not sure…maybe…
3rd grader: Maybe you’ll get a necklace or a ring or get married!
Me: Get married?
3rd grader: Yeah, maybe you’ll get married for Christmas!

Since any adult who isn’t married must be headed there- fast- in the minds of kids…

I interned today- my last day- and almost cried as I was telling one of my favorite kids that today. I was a little peeved at my teacher because she never introduced me to the class, and never told them I was leaving, and I didn’t feel that I could just stand up and announce it…anyway.

I was so sad to leave that one kid- he is so emotional (and physically) neglected. A little love goes a long way with him, and I’m sad that I can’t give it to him anymore. I got a little taste of what teachers deal with every year as they watch students leave their classroom. He and I did have a good day today. He read the David book about going to school; his reading has really improved this year. He is starting to feel like a reader, and he is working a little more consistently.

Preschool, on the other hand, was sheer insanity. The kids were nuts, and one kid was really into hitting- hard- which made the other kids hit back. They literally fought all day long. I decided that instead of “el cuarto azul” (blue room, where I work) we should call it “el cuarto loco” (the crazy room, also where I work!). It’s over now, though…until Wednesday!

Now, mountains of homework with a nice dose of worship team practice. If I get enough done, I can sleep in tomorrow morning! Somehow, I doubt I will; maybe I’ll sleep in anyway.


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