home and happy

and tired, but feeling like I should post.

Good news: Baby, my dear fish, survived the plane ride home! The people in security had great fun with hand-checking him and made sushi jokes. It was worth the trouble of packing him just for the entertainment in the airport. He behaved well and swam all the way from Phoenix. He’s not doing so well now…contaminated water, maybe. But he’s perking up, slowly…hopefully he’ll be alive in the morning!

I went to my dad’s company Christmas party today (yeah Oberto! Eat jerky!) and had my caricature done. Now my parents have a set of all three of us girls for the wall. So happy.

Heard an interesting sermon tonight about obedience; my pastor contrasted Jonah and the shepherds of the Christmas story. They both had an assignment, but reacted to it very differently. This morning’s sermon was about giving Jesus your bed- that the innkeeper in Bethlehem could have given up his bed for Mary and Joseph, but he didn’t. Another interesting thought…I like thinking, most of the time.

Yesterday, I got an education about Hanukkah from my April. We made Challah (Jewish bread) and prayed in her Sukkot (sp?).

Tomorrow, my sister flies out to Washington D.C. for a week. I’ll miss her.


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