Filipino Food!!

Yeah for filipino food! I just enjoyed a lovely serving of lechon (roasted pig), fresh from the roaster. I even got to watch them use their HUGE meat cleavers to cut it just like they did in the Philippines!! I’ve eaten all the meat, but I never did acquire a taste for the crunchy skin, so that is left in the container. I’m almost sad to throw it out. I went to Lee Lee’s Oriental Grocery this afternoon and got, in addition to my lechon:

  • baby bananas- the bunch looks just like the ones they served at almost every meal when I was there
  • pancit noodles- I’ll have to get advice on how to cook them properly
  • chicharap (shrimp flavored chips)- for Tricia ’cause they’re her favorite 🙂
  • Mung Bean Mochi (glutinous rice cakes with mung bean paste inside)- I tried one of these and didn’t really like it very much. I’ll take it home with me next week…
  • Coconut Mochi (glutinous rice cakes with coconuts and peanuts inside)- I haven’t tried these yet but I’m looking forward to them
  • Rice cakes (like the ones we had in Binalonan except these don’t have cheese inside)
  • dried mangoes- not the good kind, but the best looking ones that they had. At this point, any will do; I’m saving my last bag of Cebu from when we were there for an unknown point in the future

Norma and I had a great time. I’ll definitely go back to Lee Lee’s! We didn’t end up going to her house afterward, which was fine. We had both been the Ladies Tea this morning, and it was getting late into the afternoon. I still have homework to do.

The Ladies Tea was really nice. There was a lot of great food and good fellowship. It’s so nice to be around ladies of many ages instead of just college students. I have so much to learn from them! It was nice to feel welcome there and be a part of something.


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