Happy Resurrection Day!

I don’t really like having to read depressing books for class. I just finished “Bridge to Terabithia” for my Reading/Children’s Literature class, and in it, the little girl dies suddenly. I know we’ll discuss in class the need to talk about death with kids since they will face it anyway, but it still seems like a sad way to end the day.

I found myself, once again, missing the Philippines and wishing to be back today. Like many days. Surprisingly, today I even wanted to be back, riding in Bro. Emen’s car on the way to Isabela, getting sick as we drove through the switchbacks but singing Don Moen songs all the way. How is it possible to spend just two weeks with people and ache for them so much and for so long?! And yet, I’d much rather long for them than forget them easily. Argh…sometimes, I can’t wait for Heaven. I have this funny idea that if my life isn’t going to go how I want it to go- if I can’t be with my friends and family right now- I’d just rather be in Heaven. I know, intellectually, that God has plans for my life and that this life on earth has a purpose, but I get selfish sometimes and just want it to be over.

After the speaker’s words on Friday night at the Good Friday gathering on campus, I’ve thought several times about how God created everything to be good, sin corrupted (and continues to corrupt) it all, and Jesus came, died and rose again to redeem it. The whole point is to restore what has been ground in the dirt and ruined. What joy there is in being part of the restoration.


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