Preschool Celebrity and threading needles

Monday, the 11th: I wore my “Where the Wild Things Are” shirt to work at preschool, and most of my kids were fascinated by it. They would be talking to me but staring at my shirt, trying to figure out if they were really seeing the monsters and Max like they thought they were. Then, they would say something along the lines of, “I have that book at my house!” or, “I’ve read that book!” It was quite fun. They seemed to have difficulty believing that those characters could be outside of the book and on my shirt.

Tuesday, the 12th: Because of AIMs (Arizona Measurement of Skills) testing, I could not be in the classroom. Instead, I threaded 33 darning needles with crochet thread and cut 3-ft. lengths of string for 3.5 hours. It was delightful. Ok, maybe not. But at least I have a sympathetic teacher who let me get in some hours toward my 72 hour total.

Today: I wonder if it would be better to be a little more satisfied with life here on earth. It’s not that bad; in fact, I am incredibly blessed and have NOTHING to complain about. My biggest issue is minuscule compared to most of the world’s population. However, heaven still sounds really good…really, really good. Imagine~ unlimited time with the people you love, being as close to God as possible yet still learning more and more about Him, perfection of surrender and trust, perfect weather all the time, and no sadness of missing people.

I feel like I harp on this theme a lot…probably because I do. Oh well. I can do that; this is my journal. 🙂


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