My sister won two $100 gift cards from a radio station. The question that she answered correctly was, “On which day of the week are most babies born?” She correctly answered “Tuesday.”

Why Tuesday, you ask? Good question. I asked the same thing, not caring about why more babies are born on Tuesday than any other, but why she chose that particular day. It just so happens that her favorite day in elementary school was Tuesday. I don’t understand her…

It’s better than the last thing she won from a radio station: Puyallup RV and Home show tix. The show ended up being a bust. I’m glad that she won something worth winning.

Do you ever feel pseudo-spiritual? Like you know that God is really, truly good, and that He loves you and you love Him as much as possible, but….I don’t know. I can’t explain it. There’s a wistfulness, a wishing and hoping, longing for more…a knowledge, deep inside, that there is more.

I can’t believe that it was 5- five!- months ago that I was in the Philippines. It feels so close yet, so familiar, but not. The thought makes me want to cry.

Maybe I need a good, solid cry.


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