It’s 101 degrees outside right now

Everyday I find out that there’s another quandary in the universe that I don’t understand. Usually, these quandaries are human behavior. It seems that humans are neither entirely logical nor entirely illogical. Maybe I just don’t know the logic for some things.

I decided to drop my honors class for this semester. It was a long, drawn-out decision, but in the end I dropped it. It’s not worth my sanity, health, or the risk to my previous commitments to take it just to prove that I could. I feel kinda wimpy about it, but the settled peace that has taken the place of nervous tension makes it worth it. Thank you to those of you (if anyone reads this :)) who prayed for me.

I investigated the Wycliffe Bible Translation website today. Specifically, I looked at their Children’s Education pages- where teachers apply to work with them. There is a school that Wycliffe works with in Manila, so I explored that website too. Seeing the pictures was almost too much- it looks so familiar.

Maybe I’m slow and only understanding this concept now, but life seems more tentative than ever before. Maybe I’m just becoming a little more okay with that. Maybe I’m disengaged and should care more.

Maybe…that sums it all up. Sorry for the random ramblings.


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