sitting in the middle of a dust storm

Thankfully, I’m inside and seeing it blow the trees around outside. I can hear something thunking against the building, but I’m not sure what it is. I’m also not willing to go outside to see what it is. I can’t imagine what a hurricane is like in comparison.

I spent my first day in fourth grade today. Best thing I learned: a new attention getter that doesn’t involve screaming at children. Yeah! My teacher sent me home early b/c my staying would have been more trouble than help for her. The kids in the class seem great, though. I’m really looking forward to working with them. Some of the questions I got after I introduced myself:

Do you like pickles? (yes, but only dill)
What is your favorite movie? (Finding Nemo)
How old are you? (I didn’t want to answer that one, but I did…)
What is your favorite color? (green)
What do you like to do for fun? (hang out with friends, read)
What is your favorite hobby? (card making)

The pickles one was my favorite. 🙂

Afterward, I visited Laura’s sixth grade class at the middle school next door for a few periods. It’s always fun to watch a natural teacher who is comfortable in her classroom.

I miss friends who are far away…I’m glad for some who are close.


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