what I should do; what I’m doing

http://www.livejournal.com/users/thisglimpse/59811.html is a fascinating wondering…

I find myself wishing for something worth saying, something worth writing and leaving here for someone to read…

instead, I’m trying to process my day and make sure that I don’t forget anything before I’ve made it into a post-it note. it’s a feeling like i should write in all lowercase letters…because it’s the most honest thing i could do.

I still have work to do tonight:
-take notes from my meeting with my thesis director about what we discussed today
-find an activity and write a lesson plan for science, then email it to a group member
-pull my functionalism notes from 4th grade today and finish the commentary
-read a chapter about functionalism and do the participation assignment that will accompany it
-read for my thesis
-call girls from small group and arrange for a time to meet with them
-wash dishes
-write emails asking for letters of recommendation from past profs

then there are the things I’m doing instead:
-thinking about last October and the delightful fall day Tricia and I spent walking around Fremont, savoring the memories all over again
-reading blogs and wishing I had something profound to say like they do

And now, a friend called and wants to do dinner. I already ate, but we can chat anyway…


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