Will someone please tell me if I get an orangeish tint?

Stuff I’ve made this week (more accurately, since Thursday) with pumpkin:

-Pumpkin-oat-chocolate chip cookies- yum yum! (these are more addicting than I expected)
-Pumpkin-cinnamon oatmeal- yum yum! (the yummiest way to get a serving of veggies at breakfast.)
-Pumpkin-oat pancakes- hmm….these did not turn out as well as hoped. I started with multi-grain pancake mix, then added quick oats and a scoop of pumpkin puree. They were very soft inside…not bad, but I’ll have to keep working on them.

I bought a 22(?) oz. can of pumpkin to originally make the cookies. The can had 3.5 cups of pumpkin; the recipe I used called for .5. (I was not aware of this when I was buying the pumpkin.) Anyway, I’ve been experimenting. I’m seriously considering another batch of cookies, then I’ll freeze the leftovers for another orange week later. 🙂


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