Tiramisu from Asuncion

Mmm…an unexpected treat in the middle of a brain-dead day… I was at Safeway (not just any Safeway, but sexy Safeway) this afternoon, wandering around the bakery section while my roommate earnestly shopped for necessities, when I saw- gasp!- a rotting strawberry on top of one of the super-decadent chocolate something-or-others in one of the cases. I mentioned it to the woman behind the bakery counter, Asuncion, and she immediately came out and removed it. As she did, she offered me a bite of anything she had. When she offered the second or third time, I asked for a taste of tiramisu, which she carefully sliced off for me.  It ended up being a full (thin, but full) slice of espresso-custard-ladyfinger goodness. 

I'm pretty sure that Asuncion is filipina.  What more need I say?

So, in the middle of a busy, tired, brain-dead day, I got a momentary respite.  Mmmm….


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