Fun Football (are you shocked to read that from me?)

Yes, I did have fun at the ASU/UW football game today. We thoroughly smashed the Huskies (44-20) and I had a lot of fun cheering the Sun Devils on to victory. I went with several friends from Chi Alpha, and it was a lot better experience than I expected. (Thanks to Marilyn for convincing me to go, even though she couldn't go in the end!)

Even in the student section- that means standing for everything except the half-time show, listening to people use *lovely* language around, and occasionally having no personal space- it was a blast. Football is a lot more fun in person than via tv, and going with plenty of friends means that when you don’t want to watch the game, there are several people available for chatting.

Afterward, Lindsey, Cassie, Carly, and I went to Islands for dinner. It was nice to hang out and chat and all that with no time issues. We stopped in Bath and Body Works to try their dessert scents, and went to Coffee Plantation for Cassie to get some real dessert. Mmm…

Today was a really nice day, overall and even in particular. I got some good God time this morning, then met Candi for a few hours to chat at Starbucks, then went to the game. What a great way to spend a day.


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