why I’m home on a Saturday night

I’m staying home tonight.  A cup of tea and pajama pants sounds too good to pass up for my tired brain.  When I looked at the next week or two and saw that there is something going every single night, I decided to indulge my need for time alone. Sincere regrets to Marilyn and co. for skipping out on the activities of tonight.

I feel like I need to think…maybe I’ll refill my cup of tea and journal a bit to try to clear my brain.  Yeah…I’ll put on some Jim Brickman, snuggle into a sweatshirt and read and write to my heart’s content….

May your evening be as delightful as mine is shaping up to be.

On another note, do you ever consider what you were doing and what your life was like a year ago? I’ve done this a lot lately, and I’m still fascinated by how my life has changed in various, undetectable-to-most-people ways. To think back to the conversations misstricia and I were having a year ago…wow. Maybe more on this later…


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