Thoughts on the Bible

I found a podcast from Mars Hill Church in a random search tonight (this in an attempt to take an unofficial, not-really-counting break), and the latest sermon was from Leviticus.  I was surprised….Leviticus isn’t usually the most popular text to choose.  Then, they mentioned that it is a series from Leviticus- apparently a long series, too.  Does it take a brave preacher or just an inspired one to tackle a series on Leviticus?

Also, I decided to look at the life of Hezekiah for a bit.  I read 2 Chronicles 29:1-10 and was amazed at his boldness in confronting the wrongs around him and his understanding of the way God wanted those wrongs corrected.  He also led the Levites and priests in obedience to God’s call in their lives.  I’m excited to finish the account of his life in the next few chapters.

Finally, one of my friends and I met this week after she looked over a whole list of scriptures relating to an area that is hard for her.  She came back super excited about how directly God’s Word spoke to her and how clearly she was convicted and corrected by it.  I was encouraged by her enthusiasm. 

Oh yeah- in case you were wondering, the sermon on Leviticus was pretty interesting. 🙂

In another area of my life, I learned this week how much I need friends.  I need to be believed in, to be encouraged, and to be told what is right even when I already know it.  Thank you to those of you who do these things for me so faithfully.


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