What a delicious day!

Yes, I know…delicious is a funny way to describe a day. But it truly is the most accurate way to do so.

It started with a walk to class. Imagine me in khaki shorts and coral t-shirt, complete with flip-flops, walking across campus in horizontal rain and wind, but in weather warm enough to not be completely freezing. Every once in awhile I would catch a whiff of orange blossoms mixed in with the scent of rain, and it felt like my exposed arms and legs were soaking up the moisture and deliciousness of the moment.

[then I got to the building my class is in, and dried off in the bathroom before going to class.  I had water dripping down my face and arms.]

I had a cool linguistics conversation after my sociolinguistics class with the prof and a few other students. When I left, one of the other students said, “Sorry, [I’m not sure what for..] I just liked hearing you talk.”  Who wouldn’t like to hear that? 🙂

I had chatted with my mom and Bean, which was really nice, then went to a student leaders prayer meeting where I got to hear cool stories about how God is drawing people to the 24/7 prayer room on campus.

Work was fine…a kid came with a fever of 103 degrees. Parents and parents-to-be, DON’T send your kid to school like that. If he’s not himself and he’s warm, check him!

I had a lovely time with the Captivating discussion group, and then Marilyn and I went to a lecture on C.S. Lewis’ book The Abolition of Man.  It was great; the scholar who spoke about how the inherent value of fundamental truths forms the basis of our humanity, and how when we deny the value of any human, we undermine all human rights.  It was the most anti-relativism lecture I’ve ever heard, and it was done in a fresh and interesting way.  Afterward, we had some lovely conversations with various people.  It’s really nice to know people around campus.  I love the intellectual stimulation of thinking about such things, and the conversations afterward were the icing on the cake.  It made me want to read the book!

I feel like today, I basked in what it means to be human.  I did what C.S. Lewis advocates- I enjoyed the natural beauty and joy God has built into the world around me. 

It was delicious.


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