This weekend was really lovely.  The setting was great- a beautiful log cabin in the middle of a pine forest in the Greer valley (with a view!)- and the company was great- the XA leadership team (though we missed Candi, Sylvia, Jon, and Katie sorely)- but the best part was the overall sense of refreshment and cohesion gained.  I was a little concerned going into it that we might all be so ready for the school year to be over that we wouldn’t focus well, but I think that, despite a few sleepy-heads, we were pretty engaged.

At the end of the weekend, I was asked to leave the leadership team because of my indiscretions.  Actually, we did a role playing exercise in which everyone was assigned something about which they needed to be confronted (selling/taking drugs, gossiping, stealing money from roommate, dating 4 people at once, etc.), and everyone was given the name and indiscretion of someone else to confront.  We discussed the Biblical model for conflict, and were told when we should repent.

I never repented, so I was asked to leave.  It was an interesting experience, overall….I made up a story about how I was dating and sleeping with my boyfriend, Andy.  All of those Christian books that list the excuses people give for doing what they know is wrong came in handy when I had to defend my blatant sin. Ironically, someone else in the group was also supposedly dating me (and 3 other girls at the same time).  He repented, though…everyone did except me.  

The person who had to confront me did a really good job with the process.  Though I wouldn’t want to be doing that, if I ever need care-fronting, I’d like her to do it.  (Is that a horrible thing to say?)

The last thing we did on Sunday was to encourage each other.  Every person was prayed for by several people.  Then, we went around the circle and each person encouraged the person in the middle.  Finally, a few people offered constructive criticism.  I think everyone thought it was good.  We spent 5 hours doing it, and no one complained except for the potty break in the middle.

Anyway….I’m sure that God answered prayers for this weekend to be productive.  I know that the guys from ERAU were praying for us, and that we prayed specifically about it at Thursday night prayer.  He is so faithful!


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