While I was supposed to be sleeping

I’m writing this.  My grand plan was to spend this afternoon napping to make up for the sleep I missed last night.  Alas, the coffee from work this morning and the dark chocolate I ate when I got home from school have conspired to keep me from my nap.  Let’s just hope it lasts through the evening.  
I am, and have been for awhile, becoming quite aware of how much I look to people’s opinions of me (as a person, teacher, student, Christian, even) influence me.  Sometimes, it’s good- honest feedback that challenges me to think and act differently or meaningful encouragement that helps me to keep going on the right track.

However, dependence on these opinions can be icky.  Trying to adjust what I do and say so that people’s opinions will be what I want them to be leaves me second-guessing everything I do, and makes me focus on myself instead of on Jesus.  

I’m glad His grace is enough to first make me aware of this and then live out of my relationship with Him instead of what people might think. He reminded me of this today through Romans 8:1, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after (according to) the flesh, but after the Spirit.”  My job is to walk with Jesus.


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