I’m home

and will be for the rest of the evening. It’s so nice to have some time to decompress, to have a home and a hammock to spend a good chunk of the evening in, overcast weather, friends to pray for, and homework that is simply reading Ella Enchanted, at least for now.

I realized today that a lot of areas of my life feel out of control…out of my control, that is.  I know that my normal coping mechanism for feeling out of control is not a good one, so I am consciously trying to avoid it.  God is gracious…and I’m resting on that to react well instead of normally.  

I want to use up the rest of my plain yogurt by making muffins…hopefully, healthy whole-wheat oatmeal muffins….and pumpkin would make them all that much better.  Does such a recipe exist?  I shall see….

I have a lot of learning to do about French cuisine in the next three weeks before I do a presentation on it.  I have never really cared about this before, so it could be interesting….cheese, anyone?


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