life update- first grade censors and Mexican weddings

Ah…it’s been far too long since I posted here. And, I’m planning to try to post slightly more regularly this semester, if only to have a record of student teaching that isn’t for my assignments. Besides, first graders say lots of funny things, and the two of you who read this might enjoy the laughs.

The latest:
Dancer Boy (and apparently censor-to-be): “Teacher, teacher!! When I grow up, I’m going to take all of those nasty David books and put them far away so no one can read them! They’re so nasty!”

“Those nasty David books” are books about a boy named David, written by David Shannon, that every kid between 3 and 8 loves. I also happen to like them. They are simple enough and repetitive enough that even kids who are just learning to read can read them, so they’re perfect for first grade. They have pictures of baby David with a dirty diaper and a picture of David running down the street, away from the reader, naked. Apparently, Dancer Boy doesn’t mind them too much, though, because he read one later in the day.

Away from school life, I spent last weekend in Mexicali for the wedding of two friends. It was SO FUN to be at a Mexican wedding among friends and my Mexico family, and I was struck by the involvement of the community in the wedding. There were at least five different couples who participated in the wedding and filled the first two rows of the church in addition to the parents. It was delightful.

Also, it is always cool to realize that these friendships were made because of missions trips, but have become deep friendships because of Jesus. No one but God could make that happen as well as it does.

Finally, the picture is the view from my Washington home in the snow this week. So beautiful!


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