Hiking Havasupai 2007

Dad and Me in the Canyon

What a great weekend!  It was an exhausting weekend: around 30 miles hiked in three and a half days.  I was so blessed to have my dad there with me.  We had a great time together, got to talk a lot, and enjoyed beautiful scenery too. 

My favorite hike was the short one to Beaver Falls.  It involved several river crossings and different types of terrain from rock climbing to sand.  Beaver Falls was pretty, but the little waterfalls and pools along the way were just as gorgeous in my opinion.

Lessons from the weekend were all about light.  As we hiked into the canyon at night (we left the parking lot at 1:35am), there was NO color at all because of the absence of light.  As the sun came up, the color that had been in the rocks all along became visible.  Each morning, the process was repeated, and it was most glorious on the last morning as we hiked through the sunrise (4-10am) and watched different walls of the canyons lit up.  I was reminded of the simultaneous truths that Jesus is the light of the world and that we are called to be lights on the hills.  The very presence of Jesus makes us who we truly are and shows our most essential selves. 

And now I’m home in Seattle and I’ll be here for a week.  My computer is still set to show me Phoenix weather, so it reports 82 degrees instead of the 40ish that it probably is.  That being said (written), I’m thankful to be here. 

Jesus amazes me.  Did I mention that?


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