Anticipation and the Resurrection

I just walked through my kitchen, happened to look at the clock, and realized that it is only an hour and a half until Easter.  I realize that counting down is traditionally more of a Christmas/kid tradition than an Easter tradition, and I know that Jewish days were counted differently than our 24-hour, midnight-to-midnight “day,” but I think anticipation is an important part of the Easter story.

Although there was no anticipation as we experience exactly in the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection because the disciples didn’t really believe Him when Jesus said that He would rise again, there were thousands of years of anticipation leading up to it.  I think that I forget how different life was before Jesus came and mercy was so evidently poured out.

I think that for me, Easter Saturday is a bittersweet day of hope: things may be dark, and it may be hard to believe, but don’t give up!  As my dad always says, “Sunday’s coming!”  And at that, my heart rejoices.


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