Off we go…

to graduation and South Africa.  People here keep asking me how I feel, and I guess that it hasn’t actually settled in.  Oh well…I’ll be there soon enough.

 Right now, I have several more hours with my parents.  It has been so fun to have them here.  I feel so blessed to be friends with my parents and really enjoy hanging out with them, and so blessed that they were able to come.  Graduation is much more meaningful with them here. 

This will likely be my last post until Sunday or Monday, when I’ll try to post from SA.  Thank you for your prayers; I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them.  For now, specific requests are

  • health- I would really like to stay healthy throughout this trip!
  • good conversations with people as we travel- we are hoping to meet and love on people who need Jesus in airports and on airplanes.  Also, pray that our group of 17 won’t be too obnoxious (as college students can easily be).
  • good attitudes even when we’ve been up/sleeping on planes/in airports for 40+ hours

Thanks again!  Trivia in case you’re wondering: We’ll be 9 hours ahead of PST/Arizona time.  We’ll arrive in Johannesburg at 6am on Sunday (9pm on Saturday PST).

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