Lions, hair-doing, and birthday parties

Have been the substance of the last several days.  They have been incredible, and I am continually blown away by the amazing things we are experiencing and the surprises of this trip.

We had our last day of VBS today.  It was really sad, but we will get to see many of the kids tomorrow again when we play are massacred by the Top Village soccer team in a planned match.  I am planning on collapsing when we finish, or trying to play with kids and avoid actually kicking the ball.  Today at VBS, a few little girls attached themselves to me.  One of them noticed the hair on my arm, and trying pulling it lightly and stroking it.  We had been warned about that by Mrs. Tessendorf because it has happened to her.  Yesterday at VBS, we got our stations mixed up and lost one group of kids into another.  As a result, five or six kids hung out with Katie and me.  A few of them did our hair, and I had a few fabulous hairdos.  It reminded me of such a normal, kid thing to do, and it was sweet.

After VBS yesterday, we drove out to the lion farm of a friend of the Tessendorfs.  There, he has lions ranging from 4 weeks to full-grown adult.  We watched the owner feed the lions dead chickens, watched the lions charge the fence we were standing behind, ate a delicious meal around a fire, and [most fantastic of all] got to hold the lion cubs.  It was definitely a bonus I didn’t expect on this trip and a once-in-a-lifetime experience! The pictures are great.  I’ll post them when I get home. 

This morning, we had a birthday party for 20 kids ranging in age from 4-7.  The ratio was almost 1:1, and a little girl pretty much attached herself to me.  She snuggled into my shoulder, so I just held her for most of two hours.  They ate cake, had mango juice, got presents of coloring books, and we played games with them.  They got to be just kids for those two hours, and it seemed so right- so as the world should be, despite how it actually is.

There’s a lot on this trip that is not as it should be, not in our trip, but in the things we are seeing.  No wonder God asks us to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him.  To see those things so clearly lacking in a society is heartbreaking.

 Much love, and thanks again for your prayers!  We’re all healthy and doing well, and Shawn arrived safely.


One thought on “Lions, hair-doing, and birthday parties

  1. I am so glad that you’re having a good time… I am praying for you! Yesterday I was looking through some pictures of us and realized that we’re pretty cute when we’re together… =)

    Stay healthy, safe, strong and well, k? And keep at least one little bit of your heart to bring home and share with us!

    Love you so much…

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