South Africa never ceases to surprise me.

This week, we have seen dramatically the difference that Helping Hands makes in a village.  Last week, we did Vacation Bible School in Top Village, where they have been working for many years.  They have done caretaking, helped petition the government to build a school, operated a feeding project, identified needs among the kids, provided medical care and after school care, started a work project, trained a pastor and started a church together with the local church here.  This week, we are did two days of VBS in Molelowane Village, where Helping Hands does a feeding project, but that’s it.  The children were so different. 

There was plenty of evidence of malnutrition in way-too-small children and distended bellies.  It has been cold here this week, and the kids were mostly barefoot and in dirty, too-small clothes as we played with them, hugged them, held them, told them the Gospel story, and made balloon animals with them.  There will be more teams coming this summer to work with these kids, which makes me feel better.  In the meantime, I wanted to buy all of them a sweatshirt and sweatpants so that they would be warmer.  The kids were also a lot more agressive and difficult to work with, but there were fewer of them, which helped.

Church on Sunday was really good.  It involved no conga lines and was generally much calmer than the worship event on Friday night, but there was a sweet spirit there.  Mike Tessendorf preached on being lights, and our worship team did a few songs.  We also did a skit about wanting Jesus to be whatever we want Him to be- judgmental, Sugar-Daddy, etc.  The congregation seemed to enjoy it.

In the mornings, we’ve been painting the Learning Center in Top.  We finished it today, so hopefully the kids who do homework and hang out there will enjoy the new pink and blue walls.

Once again, my internet time is running out way too fast, so I’d better go.  Thank you all for your prayers!

One thought on “South Africa never ceases to surprise me.

  1. What an incredible experience! I love your comments. Keep ’em comming! Also, wonderful news about Grammy when you can get to the Peery web site. God is good! Enjoy every minute of your trip. Auntie 😉

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