Home again

I’m sorry to those of you who wondered if I was dead or alive there for a bit for not posting earlier.  The time since I last posted has been quite the whirlwind.

Our team spent three days in Cape Town at the end of our trip, which was a very interesting experience.  The area is beautiful, and we got to go to the Cape of Good Hope on our last day.  The topography of Cape Town reminds me a lot of the topography of Seattle with the mountains and bay around the city. 

We finished the trip with a flight back to Joburg, then Joburg to London and London to Phoenix.  Finally, on Friday, I flew home to Seattle. 

Saturday was a graduation party here at home for Sherilyn and me, Sunday was full of church, and today has been pretty calm, for which I’m thankful.

Before I left for this trip, my biggest concern was coming back and dealing with leaving the need I had seen.  I knew that my heart would be drawn to the kids, and I knew that I would want to stay there.  As I prayed about this and talked to friends about it, God reassured me that He would provide the grace I would need to be there with the kids well and leave when the time came.  He has faithfully done that, and I am finding purpose in being here. 

One thing that has made the difference is the knowledge that Helping Hands in Africa is truly making a difference and that advocacy here in the US is just as necessary a contribution as being in the village physically.  We found out that if 2,400 people give $5 each, the children of a village can be fed for a year.  We plan to use Facebook to network college students and inform them about how they can be a part.

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