All kinds of sweetness

Sweetness #1: Creme Brulee making tonight.  I’ve wanted to make creme brulee for years (literally) and I finally made it tonight.  It’s still chilling, so I haven’t tasted the final product yet, but licking the bowls was absolutely delicious!  As a sidenote, I spent quite awhile cleaning the granite countertop to get the hardened caramel topping off.  Oh well…no pain, no gain, I guess.

Sweetness #2: Good reading.  I’m currently reading The Jesus Way by Eugene Peterson.  The subtitle is “A Conversation on the Ways that Jesus is the Way” and it discusses how different the American way of life is from the way that Jesus lived life.  I realized, as I was writing a testimony about my trip to South Africa, that the way I learned to live there was closer to the way Jesus lived than my normal life.  Peterson gives several examples of Old Testament faithfuls who lived out a part of the way Jesus lived particularly poignantly, then several non-examples as well. 

What struck me the most, to this point, is the first chapter’s explanation of the temptation of Jesus.  Peterson explains that Jesus wasn’t tempted to do bad things, necessarily. Satan tempted Him to do things (that He later did, often) in a way that didn’t fit with God’s way.  For example, when Jesus was tempted to make stones into bread, He was tempted to reduce His divinity to meeting needs.  We are tempted to do the same- to reduce the Gospel to a way to meet our needs and the needs of those around us.  The American way of life is centered around creating and meeting needs, but that’s not the way Jesus operated.  His purpose was not just to meet needs, and He doesn’t call us to reduce either our lives or our relationship with Him to meeting needs.

This has been a particularly interesting issue for me lately. It’s easy for me to be motivated by need, and yet that’s not what I’m called to.  I’m called to follow Jesus, loving Him and people.  That’s what I’ll keep doing my best to do.


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