back from camp and on the road again

Whew- that week went quickly!  I’m back from youth camp, I’ve survived 8-10th grade girls (and the boys that liked them/they liked) for five days, and now I’m on the road again to Arizona with Sherilyn.  We’ll be in Roseburg tonight and Sacramento with Beani tomorrow night.  Sunday, we’ll drive from Sac to Tempe. 

It was an interesting camp.  It went well, but it was different than the past years, in my opinion.  I have some thoughts on that, but now’s not the time to expound. 

In other news, I remembered that I really enjoy badminton.  I had a lot of fun hitting the birdie around several times. 

More from the land of the “dry heat…” later.


2 thoughts on “back from camp and on the road again

  1. I really enjoyed reading your quick post on youth camp. I would love to hear more at a later date, but I can understand why your attentions may be diverted elsewhere for the next couple of days. I hope your move goes well. I move in a little over a week, and quite frankly, the packing process is kicking my butt right now. I hope you have a good drive! (And tell Sher I said Hi)

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