An update from the desert

on top of A mtn 

In honor of the lovely visit of my youngest sister, I have coerced her into we have decided to post this as a collaborative piece of work.  And now, for your reading enjoyment, a conversation between me and Bear.

Oh, what a day! (sigh)

Why do you say that?

I’m tired, I’m tuckered, you wore me out!

Did the swimming, the finding your way home after taking me to work, the shopping, or the hiking wear you out?

Do you think this is dumb and I should just write normally?

No, I’m really enjoying it.  (sarcastically)  I just think that question’s stupid!

So my day began with waking up to Angela furiously typing on her laptop (she’s addicted, you know).

I admit it.  It’s true…when my computer is around and on all the time, I spend way too much time with it.  That will change as my time fills with other, more time-worthy pursuits.

AHHHH she claims she’s going to sit on me!!!!!

On to the next thing.  We went swimming this morning, then headed over to Wayne and Erma’s house for a lovely lunch and a nice time to catch up with them (and see pictures of their granddaughter’s wedding). 

It was great, but alas our time had come to an end and Angela had to be off to work. We were a little short on time, so we went directly from lunch to work, which was fine except that left me with the car and trying to make my way back to the house. Well, let’s just say I took the scenic route- and not on purpose…but 5 minutes later after making an extra loop I made it back to the house without many injuries =) I came back and had a delightful afternoon reading and relaxing until it was time to adventure out to pick up Angela and then the real party began.

(Side note: this was my first full day of work, and I got to see how much there is to do in the next few weeks before we start the program.  My constant prayer is, “Lord, give me wisdom!”  So far, He’s been gracious.) 

I drove then (since I knew where we were going) and we sat in traffic for far too long on our way to the mall.  It was worth the drive, though, because we found great deals.  We both found cheap, cute skirts.  I found shoes for misstricia’s wedding, and Sher got a watch (that is nicer than the Wal*Mart watches she usually buys).  Then, we headed for IKEA.

We were staving and so we headed straight for the restaurant and a plate of meatballs..which we were sharing. I started with the meatballs and she started with the salad- and it worked great for a while. I cut a meatball in half and popped it in my mouth and then she stole the other half of my meatball!

What made this whole exchange so amusing is that I had just accused her of stealing one of my meatballs, which she hadn’t done.  In any case, it made for a fun dinner before a thorough trip through both floors of IKEA. 

We came home, changed our clothes, and headed for A Mountain (without our sleeping bags!) to repeat last year’s hike.  This time we had time to climb to the top (pictures to follow) and hang out for a while.  Sher wanted to spend the night there on the rocks, and I vetoed the idea knowing that if she died and Mom found out how, we’d both be dead. 

We had purchased the materials for pico de gallo (Sher’s specialty) but forgotten to get the tortilla chips, so after a quick trip to Fry’s, we headed home for the night.  We made yummy pico and I only dripped the tomato/lime juice in a few places on her bed. 

So that’s that- tomorrow, we’re off to Tucson in the afternoon.  Sher will fly out Friday morning, and I will stay for the Chi Alpha @ ASU leadership retreat over the weekend.  Maybe being away from my laptop for a few days will be a good thing…but certainly, having to send Sher back will be sad sad sad!!


2 thoughts on “An update from the desert

  1. Awww… you guys are so cute! And I just happened to click on this instead of reading it in bloglines and I noticed your adorable header! That picture works so perfectly for your blog – i love it!!!

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