Sunday musings: communion and community

This morning in church, communion was served.  I grew up calling it “the Lord’s Supper,” and still think of it that way, but for the purposes of today’s musings, communion is a particularly appropriate word.  As the ushers brought it around, I thought about how cool it is that communion is served in community as the body of Christ.  Although one can eat bread and grape juice as the Lord’s supper alone, Biblically, it is assumed that it is done with others in the body of Christ.  It was originally (by Jesus) done in the community of His disciples, [John 13] and Paul assumes that communion is done as the body of Christ [1 Cor. 11]. 

My musing for today is that communion is another way of emphasizing that we need each other- that we are called into relationship with Jesus and that relationship with Jesus involves other people.  We don’t just need one another, though.  We are also privileged to serve one another as the body of Christ.  As an elderly gentleman handed me the plate of wafers today, and I passed a cup of grape juice to my friend, a little bit of the rich symbolism became clear to me. 

We’re in it together.  We are a “peculiar people…which in time past were not a people but are now the people of God.”  What joy to be a part!

 Random thought: how can the local, multigenerational body of Christ reach out to a postmodern generation well and without losing its identity?


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