What I learned at Fusion (and leadership class)

One of the cool things I get to do this semester is co-lead a Fusion group.  (For anyone who cares, Fusion is actually a small-group model that we don’t use anymore, but the name stuck.  It’s a small group.)  We are going through John asking the question, “Who is Jesus?”  It’s designed to be open to anyone so that students (esp. int’l students) will be free to come and learn. 

Sunday night was our first meeting.  It was a hey-we-should-get-together-and-hang-out but not official meeting, and there ended up being nine of us.  We shared testimonies, and it ended up being a really sweet time.  I noticed several things in those few hours that I thought may be worth sharing.

  1. Summer camps with a focus on Jesus make a difference.  Several students pointed back to camp experiences as being foundational and formative in their relationships with God.  This was especially encouraging to me after this year’s camp experience as a counselor.
  2. People will do things they’ve never done given an example and support.  One student had never given her testimony before that night.  She was unsure about it, but ended up sharing and being really open about how she needed prayer.

There were a few more things, and if I remember them (at a time that is not midnight) I’ll add them. 

On Monday night, we had our first leadership class for this semester.  We watched a video of Andy Stanley speaking at a conference, and although I know nothing about him apart from what I saw then, I was impressed.  He spoke from Daniel 4 and 5 and emphasized over and over and over again that:

The Most High God is sovereign over the kingdoms of men,

and He gives them to whomever He chooses.

From that, he talked about the following leadership principles:

  1. Leadership is stewardship.  Leadership is a gift.

  2. Leadership is always temporary.

  3. Leaders will be held accountable.

From that, we can lead with diligence, knowing that we have been given responsibility by God.  We can lead fearlessly, knowing that God is the only One we ultimately need to please.  We can lead with humility, knowing that it is not our own strength that put us in the position of leadership in the beginning.  It was an interesting framework in which to place leadership, and it was a good way to start the year.  I’ve found myself repeating that verse daily.  It puts a lot into perspective.


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