Sabbath…what is it, really?

That’s the question on my mind on this Friday night.  (The timing seems somehow appropriate since Friday night was Sabbath starts for Jews.)

What has me thinking about this is the craziness of the last two weeks.  Last weekend, as I took care of Trenton (Shawn and Candi’s little 10-month-old), I went to bed early and rested when he napped.  As I look at my schedule for this weekend, and as I talked with Tricia about it, she mentioned my need for a sabbath.  God had already reminded me earlier in the week that I couldn’t live my life on empty- physically, spiritually, or emotionally. 

So I am in the process of exploring what a sabbath is and what it should look like.  There are a few complicating factors as I try to figure out what this will look like in my life.  First, my Sundays are often not restful.  This Sunday, I will teach Sunday School, have a staff meeting, do a 1:1 discipleship meeting, and co-lead a small group.  There’s also a birthday party scheduled, and of course church.  Second, I don’t know where the definition of “work” ends.  Of course, I see my time at the elementary school coordinating the after-school program as work.  But what I’m doing on campus other wise with Chi Alpha doesn’t feel so much like work most of the time.  It happens in dorm rooms, in my living room and kitchen, etc, and I love it.  As I realized as I was talking to Tricia, liking what I’m doing may be part of the problem.  When the opportunity arises to do something, I want to do it, even when it’s not best to do it and fill my schedule back-to-back morning to night.    Third, (and this is probably not good) I can’t imagine not planning anything on one day each week. 

Those are my ideas.  I’m currently reading and studying God’s ideas, and those will come in another post soon. 

How does sabbath look in your life? 


2 thoughts on “Sabbath…what is it, really?

  1. W Says:
    September 15, 2007 at 8:02 am
    Tricia’s right,
    When we get back, I have a new puzzle. Insects.
    It will take your mind off things.

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