Quick update on a crazy weekend

God is so good.  He gives cool gifts that I don’t expect.

On Friday night, I got to play a friend’s Wii for the first time.  It’s the only video game I’ve ever thought was really genius.  No wonder it’s number one now. 😛  Justin clearly picked a good company to work for.

On Saturday, I went canyoneering at Salome Creek.  We thought we might get to see a flash flood from inside the canyon.  I stayed on high ground while we watched for a wall of brown water and listened for the sound of water crashing down the canyon.  We didn’t end up getting any rain despite the thunder, lightening, and clouds.  We did have 40 people and ended up bottlenecked at the rappel point, so the last several of us hiked out in the dark.  There were several rattles (of the snake variety) along the trail out, but we made it.

Today was Sunday School.  I learned that discussion is hard to come by on the first day.  I’m praying for some sense of community in our class and for the wisdom to know how to best promote that.  Today was also the birthday of one of the XA freshman.  We had dinner and cake, then shared what we love about her.  We finished by praying for her, and although it was definitely new for some of the girls there, no one seemed freaked out. I hope those things will become traditions because they certainly made the birthday celebration more meaningful.

The weekend ended with Fusion (small group) tonight.  We studied John 2.  The last few weeks have been really cool as we have looked at relatively small chunks of scripture in groups of 4-5 people.  Last week, one group discovered the depth of Jesus’ statement in John 1 about Nathanial and the fig tree.  [He referred back to Jacob’s wrestling match with God and cultural understandings of private time and place with God.]  This week, we discovered that Jesus was really intentional and purposeful in his clearing of the temple.  He took the time to make a whip to drive people and animals out of the temple.  His actions prompted the memories of the disciples to Psalm 69, which is full of prophecy about Jesus’ death.  Finally, we talked about how Jesus’ body was the first body referred to as the temple, but our bodies are now the temple of the Holy Spirit.  We, too, should be consumed (literally, “burned up”) by Godly zeal (literally, “heat”).   

Now the weekend’s over.  It definitely flew by.  Now another week is starting, and once again I’m getting to bed too late.  I’ll do better tomorrow…


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