Definite contender for the best post yet

Not for how it’s written, but for the sheer fact that it’s all about the latest, greatest, Jesus work in this zip code!!

One of the girls I disciple, Jenni, is an amazing freshman who has been specially picked by God to be at ASU (according to me).   I’m not biased at all.

But really, I got a voicemail from Jenni yesterday that basically said, “Something amazing just happened!!  Call me back!!”  As I was booked from then until midnight, at which point she is asleep.  Anyway, I finally talked to her today, and Jenni shared with me how she was in the chapel yesterday morning and got to lead a girl to Jesus.  The girl came in, starting crying, and ended up explaining that she just wanted to believe in God and know Jesus.  So my beloved friend offered to pray for her, and she started her relationship with Jesus right then and there.  And now, I get to walk with Jenni as she learns to disciple a new believer. 

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  This is why I love my life.  Because God is…so God. 


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