Electronic Image I

I’ve been thinking about this and meaning to post about it here and there for a month now, and now that I’m avoiding finishing my finances, I’m finally posting it.  Bad reason, eh?

In any case, my wonderings surround the electronic image that I leave.  How big is it?  What does it look like?  If someone only knew me online, how true would their impression of me be?  If an acquaintance knew me well enough that I accepted him/her as a “friend” on social networking sites but for some reason didn’t actually spend much time around me, how true would the resulting impression be?  What contributes to this image?

I realize that in simply writing to this blog and posting about the things that I do, I voluntarily broaden my electronic image.  By participating in multiple social networking sites, I also broaden my electronic image.  Some of how I would appear online is involuntary- mentions on the web pages of other people.

For someone of my age and place (as in the Western world), it seems rare to have no electronic image.  I know a few friends who have resisted the call (via pop culture and their own friends) to have a facebook, bebo, myspace, etc. site, but not many.  Even some phone numbers are available online with a name.

Is it good?  Maybe…I think I need fresh wisdom in this area.  Do you have any to offer?


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