On the Sabbath road (and a Powell update)

I’m headed out this afternoon to spend a few days and a night away from the craziness that usually constitutes my life.  I’ve been running like a crazy person for awhile now, and I’m excited to get away for a bit.  It’s a part of my attempt to learn what it means to live out the idea of Sabbath. 

Apparently God really wants this idea to get through my head because He keeps bringing it up all around me.  The latest is a Boundless.org article posted last Thursday (while I was already headed for Powell).  It’s on an Info-Techno Sabbath, and it’s about the idea of not gathering information (just as the Israelites didn’t gather food) on a sabbath day.  I highly recommend it for both the idea and the practical suggestions the author gives on how to do it.


Ok, on to the Lake Powell Adventure update.  It was a good trip, but the weather was insane.  We had ~50mph winds on Saturday afternoon that made for the worst windstorm I’ve ever been stuck in.   All in all, though, it was a good weekend with cool conversations. 

shopping for powell

 Shopping for just the refrigerated food for ~140 people.  Notice the 60+ pounds of hambuger on the end.  We cooked every last ounce of it that night. 


beginning the pic game

 Before the sand started blowing hard, we played a little picture game.  Someone took a picture, then asked someone else to take one so they could get in it.  This is the first picture.  The next picture is the last picture.  It was actually super amusing to watch unsuspecting people take pictures, then be asked to get in the picture.

the end of the picture game


Evading sand

And I quote, “This is why guys in the Middle East wear those head things!”

More pictures to come later…


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