Still on the Sabbath road…

Bison Ranch

Note the trees that are changing color on the left.  They are right next to the spa, which made the experience all the more delightful! 

My little getaway was fantastic.  It was simple, quiet, and I left changed.  I was struck over and over again by how undeservedly blessed I am.  My 24 hours of solitude was definitely part of that blessing.

Important external elements:

  • My cell phone was turned off.  This was a little odd at first, but became strangely enjoyable.
  • I didn’t connect to the internet even though I had my computer (to use for Bible study aids and music).
  • I went to bed early after a relaxing time in the hot tub and slept until I woke up- no alarm!
  • I stopped at the grocery store and got food so that I didn’t have to go anywhere that I didn’t want to once I was settled in.
  • I got to swing at a local park. 🙂

I would make a list of internal elements, but they generally consisted of a lot of prayer and grace from God.  He was so faithful (as He always is!), and He did what only He can do.

I finished a lot of my study on the Sabbath while away, and I was quite convicted.  I’ll post some of what I learned in another post. 


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