Today’s delights- a few little, one big

The little delights:

  • pumpkin oatmeal- the first of the season
  • rain on my walk to pick up my (now-fixed) bike
  • riding my bike for the first time in over a month (Why did it take me so long to get it fixed??)
  • pumpkin frozen dairy dessert
  • plans to try pumpkin ice cream and compare it to the “dessert” product
  • hope that maybe, Dryer’s Ice Cream company would hire me to QC its pumpkin products (don’t worry; I’m not putting too much hope in this. :P)

The big delight:

  • Now unto the Lamb Who sits on the throne be glory and honor and praise!  All of creation resounds with the song.  Worship and praise Him, the Lord of Lords.    (We sang a song with these words from Revelation last night at Chi Alpha, and they are ringing through my mind and heart today.  How privileged we are to join with all of creation in recognizing Jesus’ rightful place as King.)

Speaking of creation….

improvised wakeboarding

(A left over story from last weekend: While those with appropriate vehicles took three of the boats back, some of us waited at the top of the boat ramp.  After awhile, I wondered out loud why we were sitting on land when there was a boat (still waiting to be returned) in the water unused. 

To right this wrong, several of us headed out to do a little wake-boarding.  We had no flag, so we made one out of a left-over pair of shorts and the boat’s light pole, and no handle for the rope, so John tied the oar to the rope.  I got to learn how to drive the boat.  It was simultaneously hilarious and a lot of fun.)


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