A blessed little text

I’ve told you about my friend Jenni.  She’s the one who met a girl in the chapel and introduced her to Jesus. 

I haven’t told you about my friend Renee, I don’t think.  She’s a sophomore who has been transformed in the last year by Jesus.  She has a huge heart, and loves to pray.

The funny thing about these two friends is that they are on opposite ends of the spectrum in personality, but they have the same heart put into two different bodies.  So naturally, I told them that they should be friends.

Given their hearts for prayer, they decided to meet each week on Tuesdays to pray together.  I’m pretty sure that the heavens shake when they pray, so I asked Jenni pray for me when they get together.

My blessed little text:  “Hey what do u want prayer for?  Anything specific or should we just go at it?”

Go at it!!  Just the fact that she talks about prayer like that seems to indicate a deep understanding of the power of prayer.  I texted her back and asked them to pray for me to have vision and direction and whatever else God would direct them to pray for.  I am so humbled and blessed to be a part of the body of Christ because I know that these aren’t the only people praying for me.  My grandparents and parents pray for me everyday as well as several other people that I know of.

In response, my heart cries out with desire that I would be faithful to the call to pray.  I want to go at it for people and trust that God will show up more.

In the answered prayer category, Erma just talked to the doctor.  He said that there is no evidence of any heart-related malfunction (just what we prayed for last Friday!!) and that the likely cause of the trouble is stress.  She has plans to start walking in the botanical gardens, and says that she and the Lord can do anything. 

So keep praying.  Pray for Erma, pray for me, pray for the people around you.  May we enter a little further into the school of prayer with Jesus.


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