I know I just posted, but….

I have to share this!!  God’s been dealing with me about fear and Him being my strength lately, and He’s so gracious about it.  That said, I know that He doesn’t want fear to stick around, as He’s making that clear.  I somehow (God) ended up reading Psalm 27 tonight and making a discovery that I think is pretty incredible.  Verse 1 stopped me for quite awhile in the best way possible!

Here’s the verse [KJV]: The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?  the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

This is expanded paraphrase of verse 1:

The Self-Existent One is my illumination Who makes things bright and clear before me and [He is also] my deliverance, liberty, and salvation. Because of this, who should I dread and be afraid of? The Eternal One is the fortified place of my life and strength. Considering this, of whom should I be startled and scared? My notes on this verse: 

This is incredible!! God has covered all fear in this verse. The first sentence and the second are not the same; they address two aspects of fear and causes of fear.

The first one says that He make the way before me bright, like day. God makes things visible. The word for fear in that sentence means, “to make afraid, dread, put in fear, terrible.” Put together, it seems to say that what couldn’t be seen before can be seen in the Light of His presence, so there is no darkness to dread and fear.

The second sentence says that God is the fortified place, defence, stronghold, and fortress. The word used for afraid there means, “to be startled (by a sudden alarm), to make to shake, be in fear.” The word for life can mean “strength.” Put together, it says that God is the fortress or stronghold of my strength [that all my strength comes from Him!!!], and because of that (which is implied in the “of whom” part), nothing can shake or startle me.

So next time I’m tempted to give in to fear, whether it’s something I’m dreading or something that surprises me, the character of God means I don’t have to give in.  There really is no room for fear in love, and God is love (1 John 4:18).


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