A Story of Don Carlos in picture

Choosing just the right one. 


Heading home in Squishy!


Don Carlos’ vitals:


 The store that provided the roasting pan (like a step into Mexico!):


Finding just the right name, courtesy of the street next to mine:


Don Carlos is ready to go into the oven:


Jenni puts Don Carlos into the oven:


Eight hours later, Don Carlos was done!  Xin and I posed with him before he was carved.  Xin is a Chinese friend that I met in a grammar class (that I took voluntarily) two years ago.


P.S. When you cook your turkey, be sure to remove the bag of giblets.  I know every web page with instructions on how to cook at turkey says that, but reading them does not insure that you will.  I write from experience.  Thankfully, the bag of giblets in Don Carlos was paper, so there was no harm done to the part of the turkey that we actually ate. 🙂  It was amusing to go into the kitchen at the church where the senior pastor was carving Don Carlos to everyone laughing about my turkey and his giblets.  We all got a good laugh about it over and over again.


5 thoughts on “A Story of Don Carlos in picture

  1. Yep, he was frozen. I checked, and it is safe to cook a turkey starting with it frozen. You have to add at least 50% more time, which is why he was in the oven for 8 hours. I was afraid that he would be dry after all that, but he was nice and moist!

  2. I have to say, don carlos was probably much more attractive when he was fully feathered and non frozen then he did as a naked frozen hunk of meat..

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