Rain, rain, please don’t go away!

It rained all day long here today.  It started with a standard Seattle-style rain- a light mist- and ended up raining pretty hard for several hours.  It hasn’t quit yet, and is supposed to continue tomorrow as well.  My roommate, Amanda, and I sat out on our front porch on pillows and soaked up the moisture in the air as well as the moment.

I just read this week in Celebration of Discipline about meditating on what God has created as you get to know Him better, and today was a great chance to do that.  As we enjoyed the sound of rain hitting the rocks and street, talking here and there, and smelled the unique scent of rain, it was a delightful time of reflecting on God’s faithfulness to us. 

It hit me over and over again that we are so blessed to know Jesus.  Simply enjoying the rain and acknowledging the peace and beauty of the moment would have been empty without the foundational satisfaction and peace of knowing Jesus.  We discussed how everything in life is like that- on top of that foundation, the cool things God does and gives us (family, friends, delights like a rainy day) are amazingly delightful.  Without that foundation, they are at best momentary and at worst empty. 


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